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Thread: Moving home base

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    Default Moving home base

    It can be easily done like this;

    The cost is substantial (1000 geos? More maybe). After you click on the option to move home base a 36 hour timer will start (just for continuity with the other timers). You cannot build any more new armies but you can still add to existing armies.

    Therefore you decide to move base location to nearer to where you occupy some cities. You click on home base and then move home base. The dialogue will tell you that "Your home base is being dismantled for transport, it will be ready in 36 hours". It could actually even be a camp tent like an army. You could then manually enter coordinates to move the HQ to and then click a establish home base button. Or, of course, after 36 hours you can place homebase like a normal home base. Armies in the home base need to be moved out, or are automatically sent to the first city in your ownership list

    The problem with moving home bases is that you can pack up and move to right next to an unoccupied city whenever you want or possibly pack up home base just to avoid it being attacked, but with this system, it costs a lot of money and takes a lot of time.


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    Great idea i second that! Also i like the idea on the home base turining into a pup tent like an army. Also it should travel like an army. The wait time will be depended on how long it takes the homebase to move somewhere. It should travel much more slowly than an army because well it is bigger..
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    And then, when the "attack moving army" stuff comes along, we can attack the travelling HB and it will have to resart/settle there. But it should contain atleast one army so that it can move.
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