We know that it's hard to be a beginer.

Mickey has helped beginers : the fact that everyone has his own space for resources is a really nice thing. Actually this rule helped everyone. Mickey even told us he did it when he couldn't find a free space.

When resources only lasted 5/6 days it was awesome : beginers could be part of the game and earn some good money in only a week. In that time they could fight even the strongest ones.

Today rules are really hard for beginers. Actually I can't see any rule that really favors beginers. It seems Mickey doesn't want to favor beginers because he's afraid of people creating multiple accounts. I think that's why he didn't implement a rule similar to this one : in mariokart, the last of the race always goes faster than the others to help him fight for the race. thanks to this there was a lot of action and so a lot of fun, but it seems not possible in gewar. Too bad for the game.

Mickey did a reset some time ago and that was the greatest help ever for beginers.

So beginers : wait for the next reset, your time will come then. For now, maybe you can prepare the reset by meeting other players, discussing tactics, forming an alliance... but earning geos is actually a waste of time.

Maybe some day there will be multiple worlds : once you get good enough, you go to the next level...