attacking a home base drives to nothing, as you only waste troops on both sides.

what if you could invade and stay there for a while, like 24h. in that period of time, the homebase pays for all invading army´s expenses (1 army limit). after that, the army is forced out of the city and can´t come back.

if the owner discovers that has been invaded, he can buy an army and kill everyone (give some advantage to him... like 1 to 5).

this way, invading means that you can stop paying your troops expenses for a while but it is very unsafe because of the owner´s advantage.

this can be used as a part of the alliance schema. if I don´t have any armies, i still can contribute to the alliance letting someone else park troops on my hb before an attack.

besides, this will include noobs on the game, as they can fight between them for a good reason and not just for the taste of blood. somehow this will be a second division.