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Thread: Airbus 380 and Concorde discussion

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    Ok boys.

    This poto was taken on the 6th January at Toulouse. It shows the A380 coming back from the paintshop.
    So willem is right, that there was a A380 completed when the satellite photo was taken.

    But willem, the A380 you mean is no one. It is really a A340-330. Look at the same Airbus type 900m southeast at the terminal with two smaller Airbus. Make a picture of both and cut one out with a drawing program, then lay it near together. You will see, they have the measurements.
    The only A380 was until Roll-Out in the hangar, where it was inside completed.

    I have many fellows at Toulouse, because they went from former aircraft manufacturer Avcraft Aviation GmbH to Toulouse. I`m still working by Avcraft as an aircraft mechanic and become several e-mails with pictures from the A380.

    So believe, this is not a A380!

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    Default A340

    It's deffinently an A340 the size is'nt right

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