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Thread: New Google Earth Update Available - 3.0.0739

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    Exclamation New Google Earth Update Available - 3.0.0739

    Another updated version of Google Earth has been released!

    The new version is available at:

    Changes between Oct 20th (.0693) and Nov 4th (.0739)

    - Google Earth Plus network performance increase

    - Google Toolbar (both IE and Firefox) with Google Earth search capability now offered during upgrade

    - Advertising: some users will see Google ads associated with search results and some Layers.

    Bug Fixes
    - Default mail client correctly set to "let me choose"

    - Balloons with IMG SRC pictures will now correctly size by default instead
    of clipping picture

    - Google Earth will no longer try to start up on a no-longer-existent 2nd screen

    - long single-line attributions no longer disappear

    - changed the appearance of the info balloons


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