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    Default Shaybahgosp-2 discussion

    This is a discussion thread for the following file:


    An oil refinery

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    Default Cant be a rafinery

    I have already visited some rafineries, but this cant be one.
    Where are all the fuel-tanks?
    The two circles have a diameter of 400 meters and there is a flare in each middle. the left one is burning.
    Between the building with the big letters and the four "boxes" north of it, there is a huge high-voltage open air switching facility (maybe about 220.000Volts or more). This facility is simply too big for a rafinery.

    Maybe its a power-plant, but i dont know any power plant that needs flares of that size.

    So what is it really?

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    Hi boys, here is the answer:

    By the way, you sould use the search button here in the forum, to look if ,perhaps, the answer is already in.
    You search it, I will find it!

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