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Thread: Please help me out for my Image Processing Project

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    Default Please help me out for my Image Processing Project

    Hi friends,

    I am doing an Image Processing Project for my M.E Thesis, for that I require satellite images of manmade structures and natural scenes (forests, vegetation, rivers and etc). These images should be in uncompressed form.
    Images with lesser compression ratios also useful. The size of the images can be from 128 X 128 to any higher size.

    So friends, kindly help me. I am largely dependent on Google Earth.

    Rahul T

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    Hi Rahul,

    GoogleEarth is a great way to find the images you need. You can either find scenes yourself or go to the file download section of this site and select any of the many scenes that were uploaded by the users. To save an image from GoogleEarth to your local hard drive all you need to do is file>save image.

    Good luck with your thesis.


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