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    Default Google Earth & ski

    hi!...I┤m a boy from the Basque Country crazy for both ski and software, googleearth included, so I decided to site every ski ressort in the Pirineos-Pyrinees, wich is the area where I use to ski. I┤ve uploaded the file in this web (you can find it here )
    I┤ve located myself all of them in a very nice and fun afternoon flying all over the mountains to recongnize the places where i┤d skied (not in all of them but most).
    does anybody know the same thing or similar done for the ski resorts in alps??...I┤ve tried to locate someones there but it┤s very difficult for me to fix them, as I can┤t recognize the places nor the roads...
    does anyone share my crazy for skiing?

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    Egun on Elur!

    Wow! great work.
    Thank you very much!
    It's very interresting.
    Have you seen the new high-res in Andorra?(i think yes, of course), we can see ski resorts very well.

    For ski resorts in alps, i know only one : Tignes.
    A screenshot with "lat" and "long" :HERE

    Milesker ainitz zure lanarentzat, adio!

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    You will find many ski resorts at Google search. Type ski alps or ski alps resorts.
    You search it, I will find it!

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