Ok here is the deal, I need someone to build me a couple of programs. One program is doing interupts to the operating system to do various type items such as a key logger, countdown timer, and the other program is to build a monitor/semaphore.

The programmer must know ADA, or Java. My preference is ADA, but Java would suffice.

I will Pay 2000 GEO's for 2 complete programs, or 1000 GEO's per program if only one was completed.

I'm looking for only serious interested people, that know what I'm talking about, so don't bother if your not serious.

If I get enough interested people I will PM the specifications. when responding to this list, please indicate something about the above that will convince me.

Oh ya, I do know there is going to be a reset coming up, so here is the deal. I'll give you 2000 GEO's upon completion, and an additional GEO's depending on the grade, I receive. So if you get 95% on both of the programs, I would give you 95% of 2000 Geos as soon as I get them on the restart, which should be under a month or so of time to do.