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    Default Making & Alligning Overlays

    Firstly, Go to the "Add" menu in GE, and select "Image Overlay", put your image URL in the "Image Locaion" line, and give it a name -- now to allign the overlay.

    Images 1 & 3:
    The poles, when you zoom in really close you can pull the image right down so theres almost nothing uncovered, its like tightening the drawstring on a bag - this will make the image sit better vertically, unless the image is unproportional (which in this case - it isnt)

    Image 2:
    this is the point that lets you spin the image around ontop of the globe freely without adgusting the edges, it is in the "middle" of the image. use this for the fine tuning i was talking about

    Image 4:
    the "+" where the two "outer" edges of the image meet [or dont meet, depending on if you are doing a whole globe overlay, or just a city]the markers look like -| |- when seperated.
    I cant seem to get these together seemlessly, but its only a slight gap.. this is where you decide how "wide" the image is (how much of the globe gets covered)
    Fine tune this part, becareful because once they start overlapping it pushes the other edge out of the way and ends up misaligning you
    the <> thing to the right of the image is where you can rotate the image, you usually wont need to do this in the case of whole globe overlays though.

    Other: If you are doing just a small overlay over a certain city, you can use all the edges to drag an image into shape - often the photo is out of proportion to begin with so it will take some streching, maybe even some rotating before it looks right!

    Phew, thats that.. any questions?


    PETJE: And by zooming in I can see if the overlay is correct at detailed points, but i have to zoom out again to adjust when necessary, is this true?
    yes that right; zoom out to fine-tune, zoom in to check it, use about 80% opacity. -- the image wont move at all from where you placed it while you are zooming.

    I hope this helps you all, if you have any further tips or if I've forgotten something, feel free to add on, or ask me any questions - I'll try answer them as best as I can


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