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  • Yes - I have/had multiple accounts.

    3 5.17%
  • Yes - I use scripts to cheat.

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  • Yes - I found another loophole.

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  • Yes - I Use more than one of the above methods.

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  • No... and cheaters should be kicked from the game.

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  • I refuse to say.

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Thread: Do you Cheat?

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    Oh I get it Timettie, when your alliance accuses us of cheating (with no proof) there is an "investigation". When our alliance supplies proof (which your own alliance provided) were whinning.......I think that is one of the points. Perhaps your time would have been better spent in school tonight.

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    Oh try to keep it down here. Do your swearing in PM's will you!!!!!!!!!!!
    The fact remains that there is no way to look into an alliance.
    We will NOT provide you with whoever is PM'ing one of us with your info, but if Mickey wants to we can provide him with the information.
    To show that no cheating is involved here.
    The way you speak here is wayyyyyyyyyyy out of line.
    Try to pick your friends better next time I would say.

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    well, firstly, its a big difference.

    I believe blitz was accusing you of cheating with money and or troops.

    While as you are accusing us of "hacking" the game and thusly seeing your alliance info.

    see this is where the whining (1 n) comes in, as you just fail to recognise the fact that you might at one time have had a spy in your alliance. And while doing this, you are insulting the entire NAR, and the mods of the game.

    i'd like to think that if we had a hack capable of this, we wouldnt post it on the forums..

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    Default The end.

    Wildcat -
    From the information I have gathered, it appears that there was a spy in your alliance at one point (specifically, when you were in the New EU). That is how the NAR gathered your information. In this case, it was good tactics, not cheating, that gave Blitz and Volli your information.

    And while I've got everyone's attention, I'd like to ask that we try to remain somewhat civilized here (I know - it's strange for War) in the forums and refrain from name calling, such as idiot, stupid, etc. We can have a spirited conversation without resorting to the tactics of 10 year olds.

    Thread closed.


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