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Thread: Zeiss RMK TOP Camera Identification discussion

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    Default Zeiss RMK TOP Camera Identification discussion

    This is a discussion thread for the following file:

    Zeiss RMK TOP Camera Identification

    This is the corner of one of the fotos used to mosaic the orthophoto. The corner shows the camera make, model and serialnumber (I wonder who it belongs to - and why it has not been removed). As written it is a Zeiss RMK Top large format Arial surveying camera.

    I would think theese photos were taken from about 1000m altitude.

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    Default Calibrate this!

    Well I was actually so curious as to who made the mosaik and with some professional pride, who failed to crop the mosaic, that I searched the net to find out who ownes the camera used.

    Search and thou shall find - I found this Calibration Repport which shows the camera to belong to AEROMAP U.S., INC based in, jep you guessed, Anchorage.

    But just to be fair - the orthophoto is actually ok quality, the contrast adjustment could have been better but the seamlines are well hidden (probably thanks to a good DTM) and a good choise of colourtone.

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