It would be a HUGE help if each resource, when displayed in the resource area while purchasing new resources (or attempting to at least) had a circle indicating it's real world physical diameter, so we could actually SEE what is too close, and what is not.

As usual, with most resource problems, this really only applies to cotton right now. It is very frustrating trying to find somewhere to plant, and not even knowing whether there actually IS anywhere or not.

I'm annoyed with cotton because it's supposed to be the biggest payoff on the long run, but unless you do it perfectly, it's not. Further, your chance of doing it even reasonably well are very very unlikely your first go, and to fix it, you have to wait until reset, or a couple of months for all of your cotton to expire so you can fix the problem! I've been diligent about purchasing resources since I started, but I'm maxed out on cotton due to non-optimal placement. (And my placement is no where near the worst case scenario, I was trying to be smart about it) So why have I bothered being diligent about this when I can not be rewarded for it?

I really think this, and my other suggestion about terminating resources should be implemented in some form or another.