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    I'd like to propose the ability to draw reserve armies from your cities.

    This would only be available with a city that you occupy. Possibly even require one to occupy a city for a period of time before enabling.

    When enabled, on the city page, there would be an option to purchase a reserve army. There is no 'geo' cost for drawing these armies, HOWEVER, upkeep expenses will still apply. Once drawn, the army is immediately deployed within that city, and can then be used by the player to defend that city.

    Here's the catches though that would make this viable:
    Reserve armies can not leave a city. They are permanently tied to the city they were drawn from.
    Reserve armies lose 1-100 troops per turn in a fight, instead of 1-50.
    You can only draw 1% of the cities population into a reserve army. (That's the max, you can draw less).
    You can only draw one single reserve army per city.

    You should also be able to disband a reserve army, allowing it to return to the city. In this case, you'd simply not have that army anymore, or the expenses associated with it.

    To abandon a city, you would have to disband your reserve army first.

    If your reserve army is defeated, you would NOT be able to draw another reserve army until someone else has occupied the city. Alternatively, if there is a time requirement in the first place to access the reserve army feature, require this time period to be met again before you can draw another reserve.

    That may suffice, though there are a few more ideas that should be implemented if variable size cities are introduced.
    Obviously, if city size is variable, drawing a reserve army from a city should diminish the cities population by the draw amount, and disbanding should increase the cities population by the number of troops left in the army.

    Could be an interesting tactical bonus given for holding a given city successfully. I think the only thing to really figure out is what the optimal time requirement for a reserve draw would be. This is important, as I believe this is where proper balance would be determined. 1 day might suffice, and could be interesting in promoting battle resolution. Say you take NY. You're spread a little thin. Normally, whomever you took NY from would save up enough to retaliate in force, sometimes pretty quickly, sometimes a day or two later. With reserve armies available after 24 hours, this would provide a big incentive to retaliate asap, because you KNOW that if you wait too long, you'll not only have to wipe out the armies that took the city, but there could also be a 210000 man reserve army to deal with!


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    I like the idea! Also i think it should be possible to split an army in half.. Like you have an army of 12k.. There is a part that says how many troops you have in an army.. Than there is a dialog box saying how many troops would you like to withdrawl or something of that matter. You type in the amount of troops and bingo! But this could only be done if you were in a city.
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    Yep, I like it.

    My way;

    Quote Originally Posted by blitzkrieg
    Hello fellow gewarers,

    I think a nice feature to add to cities would be the creation of native ready reserves (trained city police force for instance) to help in the defence of a city.

    I think it should work that if you have owned a city for a while - 4 days, 1 week (debate). you should be deemed to have built up rapport with the natives to be able to set up a "ready reserve" force to aid in the defence of the city for a cost dependant on the size of the city (and therefore the size of the force).

    The reserves can be 1000 + 0.1% of city size with a cost dependant on how many are trained. So Missoula could get 1000 + 0.1% of 57,053 = 1057 troops and Tokyo could get 1000 + 0.1% of 36,510,000 = 37,510 troops

    The cost of setting up would have to cost the maximum troop allowance so Tokyo would be expensive to set up and Missoula cheap (rate needs debating, could be at current cost of troop additions but I think cheaper)

    The maximum "reserves troop size" is the city's capacity for reserves or your actual defending force, whichever is lower therefore you can't defend a city with 100 troops and reserves of 20'000.

    Losses in battle would be 50% reserves, 50% troops and you wouldn't be able to restock your reserves for 24 hours after an attack (even a scout 100 troop attack), because population are nervous about future attacks for that period (realism reason for necessary feature).

    Example - I own Tokyo with reserves bought and 10'000 troops defending. Maximum reserves is therefore 10'000 as I don't have more than the city's maximum reserves of 37'510.

    I get attacked by a scout army which takes off 100 - 50 from me, 50 from reserves. I have 9'950, reserves are 9'950 locked for 24 hours.

    I get nervous about more armies coming so I purchase another 10,000 troops, I have 19'950, reserves are still locked on 9'950.

    Next attack is 25'000 troops (allways assuming equal win loss ratio). reserves are wiped out 9'950 equal to my 9'950 + remainder out of my troops of 5'100.

    I have 4'900 troops left in the city and reserves of 0 (locked for 24 hours from this attack now).



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    was going to say, but gave blitz the chance to slap down his copyright .

    that's all very fun and so, but there are simpler to code things that would make the game more fun, whilst this would be quite hard to program and require much debate.

    Brilliance lies in finding the easy thing, that makes it all clear!

    yes, ponder on that for a moment.

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    In the real world reserve armies dont travel with frontline armies into battle. They are reserves. If defending a city all armies in it will fight...This is not doable in the realm of reality.

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