This evening at 5pm PST, we updated the database with this new imagery. You'll need to restart your Google Earth to see it, but no new software is needed (although updating to latest is always a good idea: Most Recent Google Earth software)

A large collection of 6" data for the UK
- England (London 2001, Bedfordshire 2002, Berkeshire-2003,
Birmingham-2001, Bournemouth-2000, Bournemouth-2003, Bristol-2003,
Broadlands-2003, Cambridge-City-2002, Cambridgeshire-2003, Corby-2003,
Coventry-2001, Dudley-2001, Exmoor-2003, Farnborough-2004,
Gloucester-2002, Gosport-2001, Isle-of-Wight-2004,
Kingston-upon-Hull-2003, Lancashire-2000, Luton-BC-and-Airport-2003,
Manchester-2000, Mansfield-2003, Medway-2003, Merseyside-2000,
Milton-Keynes-2000, North-Lincs-2002, Peterborough-Hampton-2002,
Poole-2000, Portsmouth-2004, Reigate_and_Banstead-2003,
Runnymede-and-Spelthorne-2002, Sandwell-2001, Sevenoaks-2001,
Solihull-2001, South-Cambridgeshire-2003, South-Oxfordshire-2003,
South-Yorkshire-2002, South_Ayrshire-1999, Southampton-2004,
Southend-2003, Stansted-2004, Suffolk-Coast-2000, Surrey-1999,
Swansea-2003, Tyne-Wear-Gateshead-2001, Tyne-Wear-Newcastle-2001,
Tyne-Wear-North-Tyneside-2001, Tyne-Wear-South-Tyneside-2001,
Tyne-Wear-Sunderland-2001, West-Yorkshire-2002, Wolverhampton-2001,
Wycombe-2003, Wyre-Forest-2004)

- Scotland (Aberdeen 2001, Craigmore 2003, Dundee 2001, Glasgow 2002,
Renfrewshire 2002)

- Northern Ireland (Northern Belfast 2001, Northern Carrickfergus
2001, North Downs 2001)

- Wales (Blaenau Gwent 2001, Bridgend 2003, Caerphilly 2001, Cardiff
2001, Merthyr Tydfil-2001, Newport 2001, Rhondda Cynon Taff 2001,
Torfaen 2001, Vale of Glamorgan 2001)

Updated/improved Digital Globe .7m data
- Alexandria, Egypt
- Asuncion, Paraguay
- Bamako, Mali
- Bangalore, India
- Cairo, Egypt
- Hyderbad, India
- Kano, Nigeria
- La Paz, Bolivia
- Mexico City, Mexico
- Montevideo, Uruguay
- Omaha, Nebraska
- Provo, Utah
- Pune, India
- Quito, Ecuador
- Sydney, Australia
- Tokyo, Japan (note: newer 2' DG data replaced some very old 1' data)

NYGIS (updated imagery)
- Albany, NY
- Columbia, NY

- Las Vegas, Nevada
- Springfield, Massachusetts
- Mt. Helena, Montana
- Nashville, TN

- fixed mask for Galapagos Islands
- Digital Globe imagery of Pakistan earthquake area
- Nanaimo, Canada
- NW Arkansas

[ No changes to the vector data or GEC layers at this time ]