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Thread: SS Great Britain, Bristol discussion

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    Default SS Great Britain, Bristol discussion

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    SS Great Britain, Bristol

    Designed by Isambard Kingdom Brunel and others for the Great Western Steamship Company, the SS Great Britain was the first ocean-going ship to have an iron hull and a screw propeller. When launched in 1843 she was the largest vessel afloat.

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    Default Bristol "navy museum"


    Near by this splendid old vessel is the tiny caravel "Matthew of Bristol", an exact replica of 1497 John Cabot's ship.

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    Default Bristol City Docks

    Actually the replica Matthew is based on an "educated guess" as to what Cabot's ship may have looked like. There was/is a certain amount of controversy over some features such as the square sail and the sharply rounded transom, a feature that would have been possible in the 15th century.

    Attached is a file of placemarks for Bristol Docks, including many historic features and some boats.
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