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Monsieur cry-baby, I wasn't talking to you now was I!? I just thought that it is pretty ironic that a forum dedicated to Google EARTH should be so linguisto-centric. I mean, why not just make Google Anglo-saxon world? So I'll get banned, eh? For what? Swearing? Ridiculous. What if the poor chap don't speak/write proper English? Should he then be excluded from participating? The way he was just routinely asked to write in English really pissed me off. And it doesn't matter how you ask; what matters is the question itself. Imagine some white policeman, Johnny football hero and all, non-racist or anything, patrolling some park in Johannesburg in late 1980s. He discovers that a negro is sitting on a "whites-only"-bench, and just routinely yet still with a smile tells the guy to be either white or to leave the bench. I really feel sorry for you guys. You're missing out on the cultural diversity of our planet. Some forums I visit people write in all sorts of languages, but you probably would ull a Bill O'Reilly on that...
'cry-baby'? 'quit bitching'?
You just don't get it do you?
Now you're talking about racism?
It's a rule. Sorry for you if you don't like it.
Have a little respect.
The rule is that you talk English so everyone can understand what you are saying, especially moderators.
And we have a cultural diversity here already, but it follows the rules set by the owner of the forum.