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    Default Tactics.

    With our new owners (all hail Luke and Anthony) id like to present my humble, hopefully simple ideas to increase tactics in this game.

    at the moment, battles are essentially 1 to 1 troop. which makes this a game of gathering as much money as possible, and as there is no real tactic in that either, i have no way to win using my superior intelect.

    so i'm proposing some simple things, that all together, should create some nice tactics.

    Bonusses for Larger, Winning and Defensive armies, for logical reasons concering reality. The way to code this would be (i think) to just let the battle be fought, and then add 10% of the beginning troops to any army matching above statement, if those troops are added to an army already defeated, there is a new battle with the remainder of the undefeated army and the 10% of the other defeated army.

    ofcourse the 10% is a random number. and i dont think a larger winning defensive army should get 30%, maby make a down sliding scale there.

    Now i hear you saying (yes i do), that doesn't really change things! no it doesn't, so here's the next suggestion.

    The Siege of cities. When an army lies in front of a city, it has the option to "besiege it", this would require like 10% of its troops for the time of the siege, but you'd get them back once you attack (not when attacked).
    A besieged city would not be able to train troops there, or get armies inside without defeating the besieging army, and thus enforcing the Larger and possibly Winning army bonus over the larger besieging army.

    What this would do, is get a tactic of troop deployement in the game, at the moment it doesnt matter if i get 50k troops at a city in 500 armies spread over 10 hours, only the 10 hours of city taxes (woohoo..).

    furthermore, armies should be able to "prepare" in front of a city, they'd need 5 hours or so to prepare, in which they are more vulnerable to attack (-10%?), but after that, they are more powerfull (10%? )

    This would bring some nice tactics, and also questions like, darn should i attack, giving them the Defensive bonus or the preparing penalty, or wait and see.

    This would also favor the more regular players, something that is needed if more and more resources are going to be passive.

    And finally, this will be hard to code, maby just 2 troop types, armor and infantry, with infantry having a defensive bonus and offensive penalty, and armor an offensive bonus and defensive penalty.

    o and maby spies and counter spies , that would be fun as well.
    like 1 counter spy makes sure your army numbers can only be seen when attacked by more then 500, (and 2 counter spies would need 1000).
    but the spies and counter spies would be equally strong (resulting to the spy not getting any info if countering a counter spy, but a spy and 1 troop would, or 2 spies ofcourse).

    one could make them army upgrades (code it in the name or such).

    You're all welcome to punch holes in this, as it's a lot, and i'm just trying to get a game we all like
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    I would assume all of this is eventually going to be added, these are the features I have been espousing for a while.

    * Easy way to give a defensive bonus is to add 10% to the defending army's troop count at the start of the fight.

    * Sieging a city will negate that bonus after an amount of time.

    * A "sieged" city cannot train more troops or move armies into it.

    * The attacking army (outside city) will have a 10% defensive penalty if attacked by city owner during the siege setup stage.

    * Troop specialties - armour and infantry with strenghts and weaknesses.

    * SPY AND COUNTER-SPY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    * And you forgot one, attacking en-ruite! Intercept armies (BIG coding, but worth it)


    (These _must_ be in the pipeline, they are necessities)

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    yes, the coding should be easy, the adding of armies can just happen before the battle with defensive and bigger armies. The only trouble with that, is that a 100.000 man army attacked by a 100 man army would gain troops . So i was thinking maby just cut the losses by 10% or so. I've been talking to luke about it.

    and i didnt add attacking en-route armies, cause i was summing up the things that are low code, high tactics
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