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Thread: New Server

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lukepuuk
    That just made it harder for the smaller alliances I'm afraid.
    The NAR was already a big alliance when you couldn't choose alliances.
    They just talked on their forum...and when there was an 8 limit alliance, they just made 3 cells.
    Exactly luke!! If you put a limit we will just make 3 cells again! Also when do u think u will reset luke? What time central united states? I wont complain if its right in the middle of night but i just want an idea to see if ill be around? lol!! I will get a lot of garbage from everybody on this post!
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    Quote Originally Posted by sinner
    Thanks to everyone who made this game sooooo much fun - and especially to those kind folks who sent me from the 7'th rank player to number 299. I just can't wait for the new game.

    I still would like to see a limit on the number of players in an Alliance... it would make the game more lively... more people spread out.

    Hahaha - don't make me feel bad sinner!

    You're a worthy adversary. See you bigger and better on the other side of the reset, mate.

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