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Thread: no war no peace

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    Quote Originally Posted by roswelljam
    I'm not sucking up to anyone. I voiced my reasons for missing W_P above. Nothing to do with sucking up.
    Sucking up for W_P to come back? Now he brought life to GEW and here on the forumns, I am glad he is gone but who else has accomplished what he has. The most hated, yet seeming the most determined. Probably not a bad guy in real life, just missguided.

    Sorry Tim you bring life here too.
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    He never had a real chance in life.....
    He did bring much life to the game thoe.. IM NOT SUCKING UP!! now that i got that cleared up.. I remember the dayz when stanley and anthonywitt and many more chased him around the globe.. those were the dayz when nukes werent a rare thing.. When radiation was common among people, animals, and all the other living things..
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    Besides... its those Crazy Canucks that NAR has to be aware of... (and they said Canada was a peace loving nation ...) (evil laughter sounds throughout the forum)
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