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Thread: UPDATE: Dec13, new vector data, GEC layer update

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    Default UPDATE: Dec13, new vector data, GEC layer update

    From the keyhole bbs - We updated the vector layers and Google Earth Community layers. Improved appearance of roads (especially in Europe) and multiple levels of density for business layers (eg: dining, lodging) are the biggest changes. Better road data should improve frame rate on low-end graphics cards when roads are turned on.

    The Google Earth Community layers were updated to midday, November 23rd and have improved/changed rankings.

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    Default hello

    hi I am harinath from india. I want to know more about google earth.
    Can I see the images in google earth software without internet connection.
    please suggest me.
    waiting for your reply.

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    Default person from india

    i recommoned you get google earth for a better experince!, but you can use google maps and view images there. hope that helps
    Phatman K & KAOS-Man @

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    You can use GE without internet conenction, but just with the basic resolution and/or local saved overlays. Other pictures with higher resolution are downloaded automatically when you zoom in and these pictures are on servers owned by GE. That's why you need an internet connection.

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    and the area you visited is saved in the cache. newer files are added if full, olders are deleted, you will probably know it from other programs.
    and enjoy it here

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    Default How update database Google Earth

    Please, I would like to know what databases and servers use Google Earth and how is possible update these databases. Please tell me where can I get information about it.
    Thank you very much.

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    You dont need to do anything to get it, next time you open the program the new imagery will be there


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    Default Thanks

    Than you for the answer. But if someone would want to introduce information in the Google Earth database for all the users, what he has to do?
    For example Google Earth let you to import datas into Google Earth. But only for you. Not for all the users.
    Is there any way to do it?
    Thank you again

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    Default Thanks 2

    Hello again. what I want to get is something like the file "New Freedom Tower and WTC". (It is one of the file Download: Individual 3D Structures).
    I would like to update Google Earth with information not get from air images.
    How can I make buildings like this? I suppose it is not only draw using Google Earth Plus. And I would like to give more information like use of the building, ....
    I know these are many questions .....
    Thank You very much

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