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    I have recently just started using Google Earth and I have been trying to look up my home city of Belfast, which has been added to the list of cities in the UK which have high detail.

    But for some reason I can't see the individual houses clearly. My friends computers can bring up this level of detail of Belfast and I can get high detail in other parts of the U.K. I have tried de installing google earth and then re installing, however, this makes no difference. In fact it doesn't even seem to de install all google earth as my "place names" are still avaiable when it is re installed, and the places I visited when I first installed earth do not require streaming.

    I don't know whats going on, and I don't think it is my graphic card as my computer is new.

    Please help.

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    Try going to Tools > Options, cache tab, clear cache and go to Belfast again, I dont understand why it would not be showing up clearly for you


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    That works !

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