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Thread: Old version x New version

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    Exclamation Old version x New version


    I have an older version of Google Earth. On that version I've been doing a lot of things among them including all Volcanoes I could find.

    By then I had quite a lot of them, a couple of months

    I'd like to know where these entries are (file name, residense folder) on the old version. I'd like to copy or add that file to the new version.

    Answers are welcome


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    Ok, to save all your places right-click "My Places" at the top of the folder heirachy, select "Save As" and save it - that will make a file with all your locations

    If you just run the new installer over the top of your old one (or even if you uninstall) you wont lose all your places, they are backed up in the program files folder


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