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Thread: RAF Welford discussion

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    Default RAF Welford discussion

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    RAF Welford

    RAF Welford is one of the largest bomb-stores in Europe

    It is a munitions storage installation for the 424th Air Base Squadron, which is based some 40 miles away at RAF Fairford.

    It is located three miles west of M4 junction 13 and is marked by a large sign labelled "Works Access Only"

    Most of the munitions dropped by Aircraft deployed at RAF Fairford during both Gulf wars came from RAF Welford.

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    Default USAF Weapons Storage

    I thought I knew where most visible weapons storage areas were within the UK - this one obviously crept in with the new high res coverage.
    'RAF' Welford is one of the three major installations within Europe; it supports the main Forward Operating Location of Fairford.
    The attached USAFE News Stories give some details of earlier developments there. I would imagine that the US presence was beefed up pre-IRAQ

    A fuller history here:-

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