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Noahs Flood

The most spectacular event of the 6th millennium BC was the catastrophic flooding of the (freshwater) Black Sea from the (saltwater) Mediterranean, around 5550 BC.

When the natural dam of the Bosporus burst the resulting waterfall would have dwarfed the Victoria Falls.

Within two years, 20,000 square miles of prime Ukrainian freshwater lakefront had permanently disappeared under undrinkable saltwater up to 510 feet deep.

Many regions, throughout the surrounding area, show many new cultural artefacts accompanying agriculture in the mid 6th millennium, so it may represent the movement of a displaced population.

The flood correlates approximately in southern Greece with an ill-distinguished Middle-Neolithic/Late-Neolithic boundary

At the time, the oldest known written language in the middle-east was Sumerian and it was this language that first recounted the flood-legends.