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Thread: Apoliogize if this is incorrect forum....Question about Files

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    Smile Apoliogize if this is incorrect forum....Question about Files

    I recently downloaded the Satellite file (visible and IR) as an overlay. My question and problem is it does not match up exactly with the Google Earth. When I put the Satellite overlay on it moves Jacksonville, FL in the middle of the ocean.

    Also I see a lot of weather related radar overlays. Any chance there will be on for the southeast? And lastly the visible satellite is there any chance there will be a colored version similar to the Televisoin Broadcast?

    Again, I aplogize if this in the wrong place. I new around here and not sure where to exactly post this at. If anyone can help. I'l check often or you can email me.

    Thank you.

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    Moved to Using GE forum.

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    Once you have your image in GEarth, you can resize it by grabbing the corners and click/drag. Try to line up something in one corner, then go to the opposite corner and shrink or enlarge as needed to match up something in that quadrant.

    Depending on the image, sometimes it helps to turn on the borders for assistance in lining up.

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