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Tanks of D-Day Utah and images

Utah lost DD Tanks multibeam images, plus UW photographies.

The 3 marks on the NE are half sand beared tanks lying on the side, and the SW mark is a perfect Tank standing alone on the sand.

See also: GrpId=274739


WWII's D-Day Invasion would be history's largest seaborne assault--over 4,000 ships carrying 170,000 troops. A secret weapon was to lead the way: the Duplex Drive (DD) Tank--Shermans modified to "swim" to shore.

Scheduled to hit the beach before foot soldiers, without them the infantry would be sitting ducks. And that's what happened at Omaha Beach--28 out of 30 DD Tanks sank before reaching shore.

John Chatterton travels to Normandy and joins famous French diver Bertrand Sciboz in search of sunken tanks.