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    I used to live in a UK city called Milton Keynes. The city is the UK is the butt of many jokes because of its concrete cows. These cows were placed in a field next to the main London-Glasgow railway line so that passengers looking out onto the new city of Milton Keynes would see cows grazing in a field as they went by.

    Over the years the cows were treated to a variety of indignities. One cow was kidnapped and held to ransom. Another had a papiermache bull mounted on top of it. A regular Saturday night sport after being thrown out of the put was to paint the cows. Sometimes they would be negative image i.e. white patches on black cows instead of black on white, or they would be painted bright blue or pink or even (when people had the time and didn't get caught by the police) full rainbow effect.

    I am pleased that the updated UK coverage now means that I can see the cows that I haven't seen since I left the city 5 years ago.

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    I recall a few years ago that one of the cows turned up in a children's play area at Strawberry Fair in Cambridge. It was then abandoned in someone's front garden. I guess this might have been the kidnapped one? Must have been about ten years ago or so.
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    There was a factory near where i went to school that had concrete sheep (made by our school) and they always got moved and stollen. One turned up after a few years painted black and several were given santa hats over xmas!

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