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Thread: Big circles near Samarra iraq

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    Thumbs up Big circles near Samarra iraq

    Check 34,13,05 N and 43,53,15 E

    This is Samarra in Iraq. You will see some broken circular patterns.
    compare them with following WW1 picture at
    and these broken circles are much clearer. This can be a good bet for archeologists. I expect them to be some ancinet garden or palace.

    please note that around 850 AD, Samarra was capital of one of biggest empires in history,streched from chinese Turkestan to Morocco.
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    Default Horse Tracks

    Three courses for horse-racing were built east of the main city. Two have an out-and-back course 80m wide and 10.42 km long with a spectators pavilion at the start, and the fourth a pattern of four circles around a central pavilion (5.3 km).
    You search it, I will find it!

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