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Thread: Another Dark Spot discussion

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    Default Another Dark Spot discussion

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    Another Dark Spot

    Here is an empty area on the Canadian/Alaskan border. Hmm... Some subversive colaboration? Is Canada trying to take over Alaska?

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    Default This is HARP proyect

    Look for it at google and you┤ll learn more

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    Default black wall?
    extreme northern parts of Alaska and Canada
    restricted military zone????
    show the home of the US Navy's project ELF???

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    Default That's Not HAARP

    That's not HAARP. HAARP's located outside Gakona, much further to the southwest.
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    Check out Microsoft's version of digital maps and areal photographs.

    There is this area not blackened, but I'm sure the map is manipulated and defused. When you take a closer look with a high zoom value, then you can see differences between the surrounding areas and the secret ones, and you can see clearly the imaginary border between the maps.

    The Nasa World Wind maps are blackened at this location, too. It's the same part.

    Btw, take a look at Papose Lake with MS. The lake has a better resolution, but when you zoom in to high, then the whole map is deleted by a white layer. America's places where they build and have build the a-bomb are secret, cos the Iran could see them and get know-how by this.

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