Over the last few days we've added a handful of new features. They include:

File Ratings: You now have the ability to rate files on the site, on a scale of 1-5. As more and more people rate files, our new Top Rated Files list will get more and more useful. For now, there are too many files rated "5", but I'm sure that will change over time.

Improved popular and newest pages: These pages are no longer capped to the first 25 files. There is now a "next" link at the bottom of each page where you can view the next 25, and the next 25, and the next 25...

Unapproved Files List: We're just about caught up on file submissions, but if you'd like to see what's in the queue, just use this link!

Top Submitters List: See who has submitted the most files to the site. This list will show you the top 50. You can also pull up a user's profile (typically via the forums) and it will show you how many files they have submitted, and it will give you a link to view a list of those files.

State and Country labels: You may have noticed that all new submissions now require that you enter the US State and/or Country in which the file is located. We'll be using that info in a few different ways. First, you can now browse all files by state or by country. In addition, this info can be used in our advanced search, which is described below.

Advanced Search: I should first mention that our normal search has been enhanced, using some of PHP's advanced fulltext searching features. You won't notice a huge difference, but it should do a better job of putting your desired results at the top. Beyond that, however, is the brand new advanced search. This search allows you to enter your keywords, then select a specific category, state and country. This search also allows you to skip the keywords and just choose various categories. For example, I could select "Weather: Real Time" from the "Category" and then choose "Georgia" from the "States" box, and it would show me all of the real-time weather files for the state of Georgia. Used properly, this advanced search can be quite powerful.

File Denials: We get a lot of files every day that we can't post. Some are duplicates, others are missing information, etc. Rather than simply delete those files, we now "deny" them and give a reason why they were denied. These items show up in your My Files area so you can see what went wrong.

That's it for now. We've got a few more things we're working on. Our top priority right now is making sure all of the files on the site have proper state/country information (150 of them don't) and getting completely caught up on the submissions.

If you have any more ideas for things we can add to enhance the site, please let us know!