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Rila Monastery - Bulgaria, Europe

This is a fantastic place, which I visited when I was 10, and which I now share with you!

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This monastery is a holy place for all Bulgarians, for it preserved their pride, national identity, faith and hope through the centuries. It was founded in the 10th century by followers of the Bulgarian hermit saint Ivan Rilski. The monastery is one of the most significant cultural centres in Bulgaria, where through the centuries intensive spiritual, educational and creative activities flourished. It was in close contact with spiritual centres abroad. After a devastating fire, the monastery was completely rebuilt in the 19th century. It is the biggest renaissance monument in Bulgaria.

It is an architectural - artistic composition of enormous dimensions, an apogee of the work of the renaissance craftsmen, icon-painters, wood-carvers, artisans in the artistic area where architecture and the decorative and monumental painting of stone, wood and metal are combined. The defensive tower of Khrelio, built in the 14th century, can be found in the yard.

The Monastery is still in use. There is a sumptuous library, a historical museum and a museum exhibition with a few subjects. The church was painted by the most famous representatives of the Bulgarian renaissance artistic school. The Rila monastery was included in the UNESCO World Register of Historical Sites in 1983.

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