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Thread: Burj al Arab Hotel, Dubai, AE (Overlay) discussion

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    Default Burj al Arab Hotel, Dubai, AE (Overlay) discussion

    This is a discussion thread for the following file: Burj al Arab Hotel, Dubai, AE (Overlay)

    "Designed to resemble a billowing sail, the Burj al Arab Hotel soars to a height of 321 metres, dominating the Dubai coastline. At night, it offers an unforgettable sight, surrounded by choreographed colour sculptures of water and fire. This all-suite hotel reflects the finest that the world has to offer.

    "With your chauffeur driven Rolls Royce, discreet in-suite check in, private reception desk on every floor and a brigade of highly trained butlers who provide around-the-clock attention, you can be assured of a highly personalised service throughout your stay."

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    near Stuttgart, Germany


    A click on the file carries me to San Francisco, CA...nice little town but not the famous hotel I've been looking for...

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    We're having some problems with this one. The file has been removed from the site for now and I'm gonna close this thread. We hope to get it re-posted shortly.


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