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Thread: JU-52 Airplane discussion

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    Default JU-52 Airplane discussion

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    JU-52 Airplane

    A Junkers JU-52 historical aircraft (from the 1930ies) sitting at the apron of Tempelhof Airport, Berlin, Germany. There are a very few of these airplanes still flying as tourist attractions.

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    Haven't downloaded this to take a closer look but first impressions tell me that this is not a Ju-52 but a DC-3 Dakota. This plane seems to have a slightly swept wing which the Ju-52 didn't have but the DC-3 did. Maybe wrong so correct me if I'm wrong

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    casp3r your are right, it's a DC-3. the distance between the two engines is to small to be a JU52
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    But I was still wrong though The Ju-52 has a slightly swept wing as well.

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    There must be a new set of pictures for Berlin this plane is no longer there. I have looked all over and cannot find it there at Tempelhof.

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    They have "updated" Germany recently. Updated does not mean, the pics are younger, they just have better resolution.

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    Moved the file to the outdated items area.
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