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Thread: 150 LIVE Web cams GERMANY-top collection discussion

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    Default 150 LIVE Web cams GERMANY-top collection discussion

    This is a discussion thread for the following file:

    150 LIVE Web cams GERMANY-top collection

    In this file you can find many top web cams from germany, with one click you see the current live picture (50 top rated,f.e.Neuschwanstein, ca.100 normal rated cams)

    many famous cities and landscapes and some beautiful castles and cathedrals

    enjoy it

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    Default SNAPSHOTS-cathedral of cologne

    a nice view of the cathedral of cologne from april 5th 2005

    see attached jpg file
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    Thomas HacklThomas Hackl

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    Actually I was about to deny this file that because one very important webcam is missing

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