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Thread: sightseeing in Rome, Italy discussion

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    Default sightseeing in Rome, Italy discussion

    This is a discussion thread for the following file:

    sightseeing in Rome, Italy

    More than 40 marked vacation locations in Rome, Italy.

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    The User "Richard Wagner" used parts of my placemarks in his Rome-Folder without my permission and without reference to the original author (me!).
    I posted the placemarks on October, the 2nd in this forum. The fact that the pictures in the rome-folder were uploaded on an account created by me (eg.") proves that Richard Wagner had stolen part of my work. Im unable to contact this user, so please request him to change the content of his rome folder or add a link to the original source of his work.
    Thank you. And please apologize my bad english

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    File deleted. Reupload with your own info on it if you wish.

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