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Burgund War - Battle on the Planta (map overlays)

On 13. November 1475 the duchy Savoy fought the Battle on the Planta against the Swiss Confederates and the Upper Valais during the War of the Burgunds.

Phase 1

In the morning the main force of the Savoy (1) crossed the River Morge and defeated in a short fight (2) the vanguards of the Valais. Meanwhile a small force of the Savoy (3) moved on the left flank to Saviese, defeated the defender and marauded the villages. The main force moved towards Sion (Sitten) and entered the westerly parts of the city (4). The arriving reserves pushed the Savoy back out of the city.

Phase 2

The Savoy were reorganized near La Planta. On the open field the badly equiped Valais had no chance against the Savoy and the first troops of the reserve withdrew. In this moment 3,000 volunteers (1) from Bern, Freiburg and Solothurn proceeded and threatened the left flank of the Savoy.

The Berns motivated the retreating Valais to come back and fight, the ones fled were killed (2). To protect the left flank, the Savoy moved a little bit back to the West and immediately the Confederates and the Valais attacked frontally (3). After a fiercing fight the Savoy fled panicly.

1,000 Savoys died, 300 of them were aristocrats.