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Thread: MIG-23. Kaechon AB, North Korea discussion

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    Default MIG-23. Kaechon AB, North Korea discussion

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    MIG-23. Kaechon AB, North Korea

    There are standing 31 MIG-23 in a row at Kaechon Airbase. This is more than 2/3 of the whole MIG-23 fleet from North Korea.

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    Default Underground hangar/Workshop?

    Lovely hack!!
    There appear to be a couple more aircraft at the end of the white taxiway, in front of a cave entrance. It seems unlikely that it will be a large hangar but it could be a repair/servicing facility. No other hangars are apparent - but they may be in the poor resolution side of the airfield image.
    There are 4 QRA (Quick Reaction Alert) Protective Aircraft Shelters near the runway end - and a number of primitive revetments scattered alongside the SE taxi track.
    At Taechon Airfield to the NW most of the training aircraft are in the revetments.

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    The aircraft at Taechon AB are AN-2 for airtransport. I have upload a file with paratroopers in action to the south of the AB.
    You search it, I will find it!

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    Default These aren't FLOGGER

    Unfortunately, those aren't FLOGGER but MiG-teens. FLOGGER have pointed noses, while these are blunt.

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