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Thread: SHARD Tower, Lndon discussion

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    Default SHARD Tower, Lndon discussion

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    SHARD Tower, Lndon

    The Shard London Bridge ö formerly known as London Bridge Tower and Shard of Glass ö is a proposed skyscraper designed by Renzo Piano for a site in London, on the Southwark side of London Bridge, next to London Bridge station at 32 London Bridge Street. It would replace a twenty-four storey building, Southwark Towers, which was completed in 1976. The tower will be 1004 feet tall and have 66 floors. It was granted planning permission in November 2003.

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    Default fine work

    i realy love this i have a kean intrest in the developing london sky line please consider doing 3D mods of canery wharf. exelent work.

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