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Thread: Air museum

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    Default Air museum

    I found the Selfridge ANGB museum, but ca't identify the planes, maybe somebody could help?
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    Everything you could possibly need is here:

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    Default March AFB AIR Museum

    Here is one near my home in California.
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    Default A/C Identification.

    Quote Originally Posted by BradG7 View Post
    I found the Selfridge ANGB museum, but ca't identify the planes, maybe somebody could help?

    I realize that it is late but...

    Clockwise from the top (12 o'clock position)...
    F-101 Voodoo
    12 oclock inside the loop: CH-3?
    F-100 Super Sabre
    1 o'clock high: RF-84 Thunderstreak
    F-84 Thunderflash
    TF-33 Shooting Star (trainer version)
    Inside the loop @ 3p, AH-1 Cobra
    Outside the loop -- Douglas C-23 (I think I am absolutely wrong on this one though.
    Center 'square': F-86 Sabre
    F-14A Tomcat
    Again C-23?
    A-4 Skyhawk
    S-1 Tracker
    Outside the loop: A-10A Thunderbolt II
    P-3 Orion???
    Nike Ajax SAM missile
    7 o'clock: C-130 Hercules (Herky Bird)
    9 o'clock: B-57
    F-16 Fighting Falcon ('Lectric Jet)
    A-7 Corsair II
    F-4 Phantom
    Inner Loop: UH-1 Iriquois (Huey)
    F-106 Delta Dart
    F-102 Delta Dagger
    Outside 11:30 o'clock: F-100 Super Sabre
    Inner loop South:
    12 o'clock: Douglas A-20 Havoc (Probably a redesignated A/B-26)
    3 O'clock: OV-10?
    6 O'clock: F4U-1 Corsair
    9 O'clock: I can't remember what that was called.
    Extreme South: Redstone Rocket lying on its side.

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