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Thread: NEW pics of the Netherlands

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    Default NEW pics of the Netherlands

    There are new pictures of the Netherlands on Goolgeearth.
    Shiphol (not very good), but with the new landing strip.(polderbaan)
    South of Limburg,
    Houten (high res.)
    Zeist (high res.)
    Assen (high res.)
    Voorschoten (high res.)
    Amsterdam in total, Amstelveen , Uithoorn, Mijdrecht
    Ede - Wageningen
    Almere.and more.....

    So, make them mad with all the new found thinks here.
    They already dont know what to do with all the new founds.


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    cool I noticed that

    just hoping they upgrade the Arnhem area... it's even lower-res than Terradesk Explorer at the moment

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