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Thread: The Antonov AN225

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    Default The Antonov AN225

    From a private message, a request to post the location of this monster....
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    There you go

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    Those are so big that most large airports in the US can't even handle them
    Remember what movie these are from? I bet you don't!
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    Default an225

    we had a project with this baby two years ago, some express freight from hawaii to milwaukee. so at least these airports were able to handle this. but i remember that the carrier, the antonov design bureau, had to have a special allowance to use this plane. they had to prove, that no american airplane was able to handle this freight.

    so i was happy to have had a chance to see this monster from the inside. very impressive! every now and then the antonov is at my home airport at cgn.

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    I have allready made a hack for the Antonov 225. Just enter antonov 225 and it will appear.

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