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Thread: Netherlands ANWB traffic discussion

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    Default Netherlands ANWB traffic discussion

    This is a discussion thread for the following file:

    Netherlands ANWB traffic

    An alternate overlay of current traffic conditions in the Netherlands. Data is pulled live from the ANWB site (after minor munging through a script).

    Also Includes Traffic Cameras!

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    I think it is neat !

    How come the camera's don't refresh as often as they should ?

    Does it work well for others , the camera feature ?

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    Default This Add-on does not work anymore :-(

    This Add-on does not work anymore :-(
    Proble: no such stream, can not load pictures)
    I have version of Google Earth.
    However there is probably a problem on the site this add-0n get it's information from ....

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    Default It doesn't work

    It's such a good idea but, as the title suggests, it doesn't work.

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