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Thread: Tour de France 2006 discussion

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    Default Tour de France 2006 discussion

    This is a discussion thread for the following file:

    Tour de France 2006

    ello All,

    Here I want to start the followup of the Tour de France 2006.

    Here are already the Prologue and Stage 1.

    As I gather more information I will publish more stages. Here You can help by providing detail informations on the stages.

    Last year I provided the 'Live Network Link' and this year I plan the same.

    The more accurate the route for the stages is the better the Live Link!




    This is the exact course for the prologue, as published on the Website of the city of Strasbourg

    Stage 1:

    Most probable course for stage 1.

    Prestart and arrival from Kehl to finish are exact.

    The rest of the route is the most probable one given the list of Waypoints.



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    Default Updated File!!

    I have updated the Placemark file.

    Please download the new one. It is a Network link so you will always get the most up to date information (more Stages...).

    Administrator: If you can replace the original file with this one and then delete this post.
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    From mod: consider it done

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    Talking All Stages done!!

    Its done,

    I just uploaded the final stages, the Tour is complete.

    I will refine the tracks of the stages a little further.

    If you find any error, please let me know so i can correct the track.


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