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Thread: shift in a island

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    Default shift in a island

    u got to see this man a big shift...
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    That's not how we do it...
    In GE, click Add / Placemark. Do your thing to the placemark; name, icon etc, then right-click on the placemenk and Save-as. That puts it on your hard drive.
    When you're posting here, scroll down and click Manage Attachments. Navigate to your placemark and Upload; it gets attached to your post. Then we can all see it!
    Welcome to GE!! Tom

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    Default yeah i wanted to do that

    i wanted to do that but it did.'t work, stupd downld stuff...
    So u no...

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    Default finally i worked it out and it works:D

    srry for the mess before this but here's the good link.
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    Default The shift?

    I guess from time to time there are gliches in their software or the pics don't line up.

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    Default ...

    yeah i guess...but what i find interresting is that almost no1 looks at these parts of the world...

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    If you look carefully you'll se someone who made this map of the island had a very bad day. Right to the hack there is a piece of this map that shouldn't have been there. It's similar to the one to it's right side.

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