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Buddhist Retreat Centre- Australia


Buddhist Forest Monastery and Retreat Centre

The Home of

The Bodhi Tree Retreat Centre is for holding weekend, 10-day and longer teaching retreats for the local, national and international community.

Supportive conditions for ordained and lay practitioners to undertake long term intensive meditation practice are hard to find in western countries. To assist people to penetrate the heart of the Buddha's teaching The Buddha Dharma Education Association is planning three 'hermitage' areas in addition to a large meditation hall and group accommodation area at Bodhi Tree.

Buddha Dharma Education Association Inc.

The Buddha Dharma Education Association (BDEA Inc.) was established in 1992 by Ven. Pannyavaro Thera. Ordained in Thailand 20 years ago he is also a teacher in the Burmese 'Mahasi Sayadaw' Insight Tradition and is a Vice-president of the World Fellowship of Buddhists and the Buddhist Federation of Australia.