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Thread: Thermal Power Plant, South Africa discussion

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    Default Thermal Power Plant, South Africa discussion

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    Thermal Power Plant, South Africa

    South African power plant.

    Editor's note:

    Power plant near Kriel (east of Johannesburg), South Africa. Seems to show at least six cooling towers; best information available seems to indicate facility is a Thermal Power Station, rather than nuclear.

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    Default Coal Fired Power Plant

    The power plant that you posted is actually Martla Power Station .Matla means Power in an indigous language in South Africa. It is a coal burning Power station. Directly north East of Matla is the Another power staion ( about 8 kilometers ) Called Kriel Named after the nearby town of Kriel. Wich was named after A High Supreme Court Judge. North west of Matla power plant Lies Matla Mine ther are three shafts visible were they ectract coal.South east of Kriel power plant lies on of the mines that suplies it with coal aswell as north west of it .Both mines have incline shafts.

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    very interesting thank you

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    Default South African Power Stations

    Matla Power Station has 6x600MW generating sets. Neighbouring Kriel Power Station has 6x500MW sets. They are 2 of Eskom's (South Africa's power utility) large power stations. Eskom operates 13 large coal-fired stations and 1 nuclear station near Cape Town with a total capacity of 39500MW. There is very little hydro-electric power in South Africa as the country is too dry

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