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Thread: The Freemasons Influence on Washington D.C. Architecture

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    Default The Freemasons Influence on Washington D.C. Architecture

    I was just watching a special about the Freemasons on the History Channel and they were talking about the layout of Washington D.C. and its influence by the Freemasons. Layouts like a five point star and a triangle. I couldd't upload the image files of the star and the triangle because they are too big, but I did upload the .kmz files of the points. The triangle is known as the Federal Triangle. There is a lot more information about this interesting stuff online at this website:
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    interesting. there was a special about this on tv last night....didn't catch it, though

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    Good overlay illustrating this at
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    I do not deny there is Masonic tradition in America, however Andrew Ellicott was a Quaker. Also, I find no reference to Pierre L'Enfant being a Freemason either.
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