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Thread: Chernobyl - Overlay 1989 photo-plant discussion

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    Default Chernobyl - Overlay 1989 photo-plant discussion

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    Chernobyl - Overlay 1989 photo-plant

    On April 25th -26th, 1986 the World's worst nuclear power accident occurred at Chernobyl in the former USSR (now Ukraine). The Chernobyl nuclear power plant located 80 miles north of Kiev had 4 reactors and whilst testing reactor number 4 numerous safety procedures were disregarded. At 1:23am the chain reaction in the reactor became out of control creating explosions and a fireball which blew off the reactor's heavy steel and concrete lid.

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    Are you sure itīs the right position and dimensions?
    Itīs not a bug; Itīs a feature!

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