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Thread: A-90 Orlyonok, Dagestan discussion

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    Default A-90 Orlyonok, Dagestan discussion

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    A-90 Orlyonok, Dagestan

    An experimental russian military plane built in the first half of the ┤70s, that flied only a few feets above water. It was made for very fast military transport with big payload, or it could also be used as a rocket launcher. Entered military service in 1979, and remained in service until 1993. It was planned to build about 120 planes, but only 5 made it from the drawingboard.

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    Nice find!

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    Nice find find, but not an A-90.

    It's a Lun-class ekranoplan, which you can identify on the forward-located canards. The A-90 has no canards.

    The Lun-class (Russian: "Hen Harrier") (NATO reporting name: "Utka") (Russian: "Duck") ekranoplan was an extremely unusual "aircraft" used by the Soviet & Russian navies from 1987 to sometime in the late '90s. Wing-in-ground-effect aircraft use the extra lift of their large wings when in proximity to the surface (about one to four meters).

    The sole vessel of her class, MD-160 entered service with the Black Sea Fleet 1987. Eight JSC Motorostroitel NK-37 turbojets were mounted on forward-located canards, each delivering 127.4 kN (28,600 lbf) of thrust. MD-160 had a flying boat-like hull with a large deflecting plate at the bottom of the hull to provide a "step" for takeoff.
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